Friday, October 29, 2010

* They are simply maintaining law and order, that 's all!

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Anonymous said...

Appeal to all Khmer at home and abroad around the world.

Please joint me to condemn these cowered act from Yuon solders in Hun Sun police uniform against Mr.Suong Sophorn.

If you are real Khmer solders or real Khmer polices go and fight at the border to protect our sovereignty against Yuon and Thai.

But all you can do is brutality beaten Mr. Suong Sophorn with empty hands, beaten innocent Khmer people.

You also good at hiding your heads under srey yuon 's pants.

If it was done to your family? How do you feel? Yuon slaves ?

I wish Mr. Suong Sophorn to recovery pretty soon.

Khmer sympathy around the world are with You.
You are real Khmer hero.

Down Youn Slave.
Down killer, Hun Sen.